Here is a community message from school for our upcoming school wide Spirit Week which is coming up this next week!

"Querida familia de Puesta del Sol, PBIS, BLT and many of you have expressed the need, school-wide, to work on Kindness, Compassion and Respectful Behavior. PBIS with input and support from BLT is sponsoring two layers to celebrate together and reinforce positive values.

April 24-28th is school wide Spirit Week – PDS graduate Camila Cardona (Lizandra’s daughter) has designed the attached posters! Copies in Spanish will be put in your box, English copies to send home! Our goal with spirit week is celebrate, have some fun and find ways to show kindness with each other. Who doesn’t want to wear PJs to work! Friday we will end the week with our character parade. See Heather’s email from 4/28.

Camp Kindness Optional Lesson mini PDs – Dharmiika, a PDS alumni parent and founder of Camp Kindness will be joining us for a 4 week optional mini PD opportunity. Our goal is to reteach and reinforce some very specific values and practice these values weekly. Camp Kindness is a supplemental curriculum and 100% in Spanish and all teachers already have it! It’s a quick morning circle option. Dharmiika has offered to come run mini PDs weekly for 4 weeks so that teachers do not have think/plan it alone."