¡Bienvenidos! Welcome Class of 2034 

We are so glad that you are here with us at Puesta del Sol! We understand that things can feel overwhelming when starting a new school so we created this sheet of helpful tips to get you through the first couple of months.

Aly Cohen Droker and Adam Droker are your New Family/Student Outreach Chairs for 2021-2022!  Contact them at welcomepuestaclassof2034@puestadelsolpta.org any time you can't find an answer!  Additionally, join the Puesta del Sol Class of 2034 Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/795716694371664

This group is not sponsored by Puesta del Sol Elementary School, Bellevue School District, or the Puesta del Sol PTA.  This is a closed group, so you will need to request to join and will be admitted by one of our moderators, who are Puesta del Sol-seasoned Kindergarten Parents. 

Visit the Puesta del Sol Kindergarten Blog for information & resource links

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Thanks and Welcome!

The Puesta Del Sol PTA Board 


What You Need to Know

  1. Create a New Account on our website.  Enter "K" as your child's grade level.  Until your child's teacher assignment is received, choose "unknown/not listed" option for teacher. PTA membership runs from August 1 until the following October 31 (up to a 13-month period), and is valid for the school year in which is it purchased. Please wait until August to purchase membership.
  2. Drive or Bus to School? – There is very limited parking so, if possible, please have your child ride the bus. Please view our Traffic/Parking page for guidelines on parking and using the drop-off/pick-up lane at school if you plan to drive. 

    If you want a spot in the school parking lot for after school pickup and events, arrive early. Never park on the main road coming down to school.

    During the first weeks of school, morning volunteers are in place to direct students to their classrooms from the drop-off area and the school buses. Staff takes special care in the afternoon to walk students to their bus or pick up location.
  3. Communication – Email is the preferred method of communication for both the school and the PTA.  If you do not receive these communications during the first month of school, please reach out to the responsible group to get added. Emails gathered will only be used by Puesta del Sol PTA and will never be shared with advertisers or other organizations.  There is a lot of great communication so make sure you receive ALL of the following:

    From the School  
    -- Weekly teacher update from your child’s teacher. Teachers will contact you for your email.
    -- Principal newsletter from Principal Sr. Shearer. Bi-monthly.
    From the PTA  
    -- Room Parent communication. First communication by mid-October.
    -- Announcements on the official PTA Facebook page.  
    Like us at https://www.facebook.com/Puestadelsolpta/.
    -- Twice monthly electronic El Sol Newsletter from PTA.  Sent out on Fridays.

If you do not receive these communications by the end of September please reach out to the responsible group to get added.  If you have another email address you would like to add or a community member would like to have access to our communications, please use the same two subscribe links above. If you have further questions about communications, please contact communications@puestadelsolpta.org.

  1. Student School Supplies - Please find the suggested school supply list for 2021-2022 here and please bring your school supplies to your WaKIDS Family Connections Conference.  
  1. Dates to Put on Your Calendar  

    Did you know you can view the calendar in Outlook or Google and upload the calendar to your personal calendar?  That way whenever we make a calendar change, it updates your calendar automatically.  When the overwhelming feeling strikes, just focus on these next upcoming events:
    • Kindercamp, Back to School Fiesta de paletas, Picnic & Bus Ride - Tuesday, August 24, 2021 for students with last names A-K OR Wednesday, August 25, 2021 for students with last names L-Z.  9 - 11:30am.
    • WaKIDS Family Connections Conference - Sept. 1 & 2, 2021
    • First Day of School for Kindergartners - Sept. 3, 2021 at 9am. (All other grades have start date of September 1)
    • Ice Cream Social - TBD Social event for all Puesta families, held outdoors above the school playground.  Great opportunity to meet other families and enjoy some sweet treats!
    • Picture Day – TBD
    • Curriculum Night - TBD 
    • Book Fair – TBD. Stock up on Spanish books, help fund the library, and fill teacher’s bookshelves. (Cash or credit)
    • Walkathon – TBD  Make sure to RSVP on the website in September!
    • Passport Club – for 1st–5th graders only, so don’t worry about this if your child is in Kindergarten this year.
  1. Join your child for lunch.  You are more than welcome to join your child for lunch.  Look on the website for class lunchtimes, sign in at the office when you arrive, and enjoy lunch together!
    Please Register as an approved Bellevue School District volunteer first!

If all else fails, relax and breathe! ENJOY the school year as it goes by so fast!


Additional Information

Before & After School Care - Before and after school programs are available at Puesta del Sol through the school district for children kindergarten through 5th grade.  Before & After School Programs

Day Care - Please note that if you are picking up for Day Care, there is limited parking in the Day Care parking spots. Be prepared to park and walk the first few weeks of school if you are not in the lot by 3pm.  Starting around 3:15pm, you won't be able to get to the parking lot until the pick up line starts moving at 3:35pm.  The line is usually done by 3:45pm.

Communicating with office or PTA via child's binder - If you need to get a note to the front office or PTA, you may put it in your child's binder/backpack.  And please look in your child's binder/backpack for communication from the front office or PTA.

School Directory - The School Directory is an Online Directory, searchable only by name, which is on the side menu of our website. Only authorized users will have access to our school directory. An authorized user of the Online Directory is someone who is a PTA member and who has a student enrolled at Puesta del Sol.

Room Parents - At Curriculum Night in September the teachers will have a sign up form for Room Parents and other volunteer positions.  Room Parents will be notified after these dates to join the Room Parent Coordinator for a meeting on the FAQ's of being a Room Parent.

Volunteering - We have many wonderful volunteer opportunities! Sign up to volunteer when you complete your online First Day Forms this Fall.

Join the PTA - Please go to the About Us section of our site to join and become a PTA member after school begins!