Please join your grade at the remaining summer park playdates!

See below for grades, dates, times, parks and contact info for any questions or to RSVP.  
Incoming Kindergarten 2022-23 (Class of 2035):
Wednesday, August 31st 3pm - Lake Hills ParkContact: Ruth
Incoming 1st Grade 2022-23 (Class of 2034):
Sunday, August 28th 11am - Surrey Downs ParkContact:  Aly 
Incoming 3rd Grade 2022-23 (Class of 2032):
Monday, August 29th 5pm -  Surrey Downs Park.  Contact: Ronit
Incoming 4th AND 5th Grade 2022-23 (Combined, Classes of 2031 and 2030):
Sunday, August 28th 12pm - Surrey Downs Park.  Contact: Aly