On Wednesday, May 24th, we celebrated International Art Festival at Puesta del Sol! We had dancing, art, singing, food, flags, and so much fun. Our first big event in the new building was a smashing success! Thank you to all parents, students, and families who participated, contributed, and showed up!

Giant THANK YOU to all our volunteers and planners for putting on such an amazing event. Special appreciation is due to Ana Montes, Alycia Gerlach, Angela Carey, Sra Dana, Carla Merkow, Natalie Danielson, Sra. Rose, Steph Parkins, Sarah Moon, Alonzo Chehade, Sharisse Sifuentes, Juan Goni, Trudy Hicks, Sra Monica, Sra McCleary, Janitors Henry & Rosario, Sra Brody, 5th Grade Events Team, Angela de la Hoz, our Visiting Artists (Adriana Morales and Aida Ebeling), our Amities (Erick, Erika, Danilo, and Celia), Marta Parada, Jenya Petrova, Srta Aznar, Sra Fletcher, Carmel Sasaki, Holly Ellis-Brown, Jasmine Hentz, Tara Jones, our year-long Art Appreciation volunteers, and all our amazing Event Day volunteers.