Check out ways to help at school with our PTA Board and Committees!

Our school community can’t do what it does for our kids without helping each other!

The start of the year is a great time to browse through roles available on our PTA Board and various committees, check out our Board and Committees page.

Descriptions are available by clicking the name of the role and/or e-mailing the board member/Director listed. To view descriptions, you may need to set up your PTA website log in first. If you haven’t already done so, go the registration site.

Once you are logged in you can find out more, and even sign up! If you need help, e-mail  The PTA Board will also be at our Back to School events to answer your questions.

In particular we need help with Directors/Co-Directors for PTA, like Director of Communications, Co-Director of Fundraising, Co-Director of Ed Enhancement, Pumpkin Bash Coordinator (which is already coming up!), and more! E-mail Membership, or come talk with us at our upcoming events!