Frequently Ask Questions

       About the "Big Give Envelope Drive" 2019        


Q: What is the overall goal?

A: Our goal is 100% participation – we want to hear from everyone in the Puesta del Sol Elementary community, even if your returned envelope does not include a contribution.

From a monetary perspective, the goal is to raise enough money to cover current PTA expenses.  We are aiming for $100,000 (including corporate matching).  This comes to approximately $150 per student (not per family).  Donations of more than your allotted amount is greatly appreciated!

Q: What if I never received or can’t find the bright yellow envelope or donation form?

A: A donation form is available on the PTA Website.   We accept envelopes of any color – just make sure to clearly label your envelope with child’s name, grade, and teacher's name and return it to the parent volunteers collecting at the drop-off areas between September 16th through the 27th. (TBD)

Q: Where do I turn in our yellow envelope and donation form?

A: Please return your envelopes between September 16th through the 20th to a designated PTA volunteer that will be stationed in the under-cover areas by the bus and car drop-off areas before school.  Please do not turn them in to your teachers.

Q: I have two kids at Puesta del Sol but only want to write one check, what do I do?

A: Include the donation in one check and put in one envelope.  But PLEASE turn in both envelopes. Just indicate on the envelope’s label that your donation is being sent in with a different student. (You can donate online too! Just remember to return your envelopes!)

Q: My budget is tight.  What if I can't donate $150 per student all at once? Can I donate less?

A: There is no minimum donation.  Any contribution is helpful and the $150 is a suggested amount to help cover all the costs for our PTA programs and expenses.  Also we have a new donation option this year.  You can now make a monthly contribution to spread out your payments.  Find out more on our Recurring Donation information page.

Q: Why did the PTA Board decide to go with The Big Give instead of our traditional donations-for-laps Walkathon and bi-annual Auction?

A: There are a few great reasons:
  • The PTA is looking for ways to be more efficient in our fundraising. For every $1 raised at the 2018 Auction, $0.31 went to cover the cost of the Auction and $.069 went to support PTA programs. We are trying to spend less on fundraising, so we have to raise less money overall.
  • The Big Give makes it easier for more families to provide financial support to the PTA's work in the school, in ways big and small, making fundraising more inclusive of all our families.  Many families could not attend our past Auctions.
  • The Auction pulls a huge amount of volunteer power away from the classrooms and other PTA programs.
  • We have a community of very committed and involved families and we are confident they will continue to invest in the PTA with this new fundraising model.

Q: Why is the “Big Give” our major fundraiser? 

A: The Big Give Envelope Drive is an extremely cost-friendly and easy fundraising model with high returns.  It is also a chance for the entire Puesta del Sol community to be involved. It costs approximately $200 to run the entire fundraiser and ALL donations go straight to the PTA Annual Fund! It costs roughly $40,000 to run our auction.  This will be a significant reduction in fundraising expenses.  Many other schools in our area have been using this model of fundraising successfully.

Q: Who will see the contents of my envelope when it is returned?

A: Your envelope will be collected by PTA member volunteers who will hand the unopened envelopes to the PTA VPs of Fundraising after collecting them each morning at school. The VPs of Fundraising will be the only ones to open the envelopes and will count the returned envelopes by class and give any payments to the PTA Deposits Treasurer for deposit and surveys to the Principal. Any amount donated will help our students and every contribution will be appreciated. 


 *And please look into whether your company has a Corporate Matching program!